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In vet practices the problem often arises: after a long and joyful life a beloved pet has passed away. The pet owner then faces the painful choice of what to do with the remains. The most economic, but also the most disrespectful way is destruction in an industrial biological waste destructor. An expensive way to say farewell to a pet is burial in a special pet cemetery.
For vets and for pet cemetery owners the other option might be worth considering: cremation of the mortal remains of the pet. This is the most economic but at the same time respectful way to bid the last farewell to a beloved pet. The remains can be taken away in an urn, or strewn in open air.
Jongenelen Burning Systems B.V. is a small company in the south of Holland, with more than 25 years of experience in building cremation systems for (among others) pet cremation
We can supply complete pet cremation systems, designed according to the latest standards and satisfying all Western European environmental standards. Please contact us for a complete quotation which meets all your needs regarding capacity, space and all your specific demands.

Please visit our "technology" section for a small explanation about the working principle of our pet cremation systems.
For an example of a layout of a pet cremation system in your desired capacity, see below: